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Apologies, Sarah is currently on maternity leave with lovely baby Gideon so the shop is temporarily closed. Sorry to disappoint you. If you are interested in purchasing anything do contact us by e-mail and we'll do all we can to help you. 

We have an exciting range of limited edition products available here in our online store, so if you see something you like don't hang about - once they're gone, they're gone! We accept Paypal payments (Paypal takes all major cards and you don't even have to set up an account to use the service) or alternatively you can pay by cheque - please contact us directly via e-mail first. Trigger Editions can also be found at various artist book fairs (check the home page for latest events). We hope you enjoy browsing our shop...

Unsaid Words
Poetry book 
Artist - Sarah J Trigg. Edition 200
All the things you wish you had said but never did.... 
All the things you are glad you never said....

Things you just forgot to mention.

A fascinating and diverse collection of poetry, this beautiful thread-bound, full colour, limited edition anthology is the culmination of a project by artist Sarah J Trigg. Unsaid words, collected by Trigg over a two year period, inspired a national poetry competition from which the poems in the book were selected. Each poem sits alongside the original, hand-written statements that inspired them.

This beautiful little postcard-sized book, designed and hand-finished by the artist, echoes the dimensions and aesthetic of the original unsaid words, which were written in white on the patterned insides of used envelopes. The poems capture the very intimate range of sentiments expressed within the unsaid words. Trigger Editions has the pleasure of introducing new works by Dave Wood, Norton Hodges and Gwen Seabourne, and showcasing emerging poets Octavia Cox, Luke Mundy, Cathy F Wilson, and Genevieve Mae.
£5.99 each

Worthless Bookmarks
Artist - Sarah J Trigg. Edition 100

Withdrawn university library books and broken fragments, that have fallen to the floor or been found, left behind on shelves, are the raw material of this set of 'Worth less' bookmarks. Pulped and made into paper, in these bookmarks you may find fragments of obscure texts, brittle paper, powdery leather, frayed Buckram, library labels ........

This work draws on the tension in a library between an almost sacred attitude towards books and the knowledge they contains, and yet they are often very quickly physically broken down or superseded in content so that their worth can seem to evaporate.

Two limited edition sets of 'Library Dust' bookmarks have been created - 'Price less' and 'Worth less'. The Priceless edition will be distributed through 'Escaping the Library System 2010-2011' and the Worthless collection can be purchased here, sold with an envelope made from book pages also found, detached and lost in the library.
£3 each (with envelope)

Psalm Labels
Artist - Sarah J Trigg. Edition 500

Perfect for sewing into clothes or other items; conceal them secretly or display them prominently, give them away or use them in personal projects. These limited edition kits include 3 labels based on Psalm 139 (ESV):  'knitted together', 'wonderfully made' and 'intricately woven'. Each kit contains 12 labels.
As part of this project the artist Sarah J Trigg would like to document how these tags are used, so if you purchase some, please do send us some photos of what you do with them.
£10 per pack

Once Lost cards
Artist - Sarah J Trigg. Edition 250

This set of six greetings cards depict images from photographs found at flea markets, junk stores and house clearances. The cards were made as part of a project called 'I found this and thought of you' which plays on our shared histories and experience by using found objects as gifts items. Like the pictures, the verses chosen to accompany them hold for many a nostalgic resonance, something precious, once lost or found.

£12 set of six (15x15cm)

These cards can also be purchased individually.

'Direct Your Path' £2.50

'Hold Me Fast'   £2.50

'Hope and a Future' £2.50

'Knit me Together' £2.50

'Never Leave You' £2.50

'Wait For Him'   £2.50

Library Dust
Artist - Sarah J Trigg. Edition - unique

Not currently on sale but coming soon

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