Monday 17 May 2010

Paper making

125 bookmarks made, just another 80-odd more to go!

This weekend I've been learning how to make paper (so much fun!). A lovely lady called Julie Roberts has been showing me the techniques. I wanted to make paper out of the withdrawn library books and 'Library dust' I've been collecting. I am so pleased with the results. We pulped most of the paper down to a stage where you could only see individual letters and then sprinkled in my Library Dust' - all the bits of brittle paper, broken leather and library paraphernalia I've picked up from the floor. The next stage will be embossing some text in gold on to one side.... might take some experimenting to get that right.

100 are to be used for Bookmarks VIII Escaping the Library System 2010-2011 and will be given away for free. I am also making another hundred which will be a little different and available from Trigger Editions at various artist book fairs over the next year. More pictures and details coming soon......

Monday 10 May 2010

First Entries

The first entries to the Unsaid Words poetry competition have started to come in; many thanks. We're being very good and not reading them until after the deadline so that the poems remain completely anonymous until we have finished the judging.  I'm itching to look at them though! After all the time I've spent collecting the Unsaid Words and chatting to the people who have contributed them, I am so excited to read what the poets create.

Saturday 8 May 2010

Psalm Labels

Thanks to Judith Marshall for these lovely pictures of what she has done with her Psalm labels which are based on words taken from Psalm 139.

If you bought some psalm labels at my launch last weekend do send me your pictures too.