Trigger Editions Loves:
  • Artist books - we love small artworks, editions and multiples that are affordable yet of no less value as art works.
  • Giving gifts - we love making gifts for friends that show how much we care. 
  • Interaction - we love to make art work that involves the viewer in its creation or development. We love hearing people's thoughts and stories relating to how our art works have been used.
  • Found objects - we love to give new meaning and new life to old, discarded or lost objects. We love objects that resonate with shared histories and lost memories.
  • Words - we love imaginative and esoteric use of unusual or powerful text(s): psalms, poetry, proverbs, found text etc.
  • The big questions - we love making little art works that ask the big questions, challenge preconceptions and help us meditate on truth.
  • Supporting artists - we want to work with artists, helping them to develop their practice into world of artist books and multiples, offering them an unusual outlets for their work that will support and promote their practice.
  • Bristol - we are based in Bristol but participate in artist book fairs all over the country.
  • Blogging - ahhh the wonders of the net... 

Artists' Profiles

Sarah J Trigg

It is the seemingly insignificant things that constitute the raw material and subject matter of my work - fleeting gestures, old photographs of unknown people, squashed paperclips, ephemeral inscriptions on greetings cards. These found objects and captured moments fascinate me because they have no obvious lasting value but are charged with hidden histories, memories and significance. Drawing upon shared experience of that which appears inconsequential , subtle interventions are made to explore issues surrounding identity, investigating the ways in which value judgements are formed.
Working from my Studio in Bristol, my practice ranges from intricately observed drawing and painting, to interactive installations, artist multiples and book works. 

Trigger editions is soon to be showcasing and selling the work several other artists. Their profiles will appear here soon.

If you are an artist who shares our 'loves', who might be interested in working with Trigger Editions in the future, do comment below.