Unsaid Words

Trigger Editions are delighted to introduce their new artist book: 
Unsaid Words.

All the things you wish you had said but never did.... 
All the things you are glad you never said....
Things you just forgot to mention.

A fascinating and diverse collection of poetry, this beautiful thread-bound, full colour, limited edition anthology is the culmination of a project by artist Sarah J Trigg. Unsaid words, collected by Trigg over a two year period, inspired a national poetry competition from which the poems in the book were selected. Each poem sits alongside the original, hand-written statements that inspired them.

This beautiful little postcard-sized book, designed and hand-finished by the artist, echoes the dimensions and aesthetic of the original unsaid words, which were written in white on the patterned insides of used envelopes. The poems capture the very intimate range of sentiments expressed within the unsaid words. Introducing new works by Dave Wood, Norton Hodges and Gwen Seabourne, Trigger Editions is also delighted to be showcasing emerging poets Octavia Cox, Luke Mundy, Cathy F Wilson, and Genevieve Mae.

Included in the book's presentation slipcase are four limited edition postcards featuring original unsaid words, presenting the owner with the choice of whether to send them or leave them un-sent and unsaid. They may trigger new interactions, continuing the reach and shape of the project.

The publication, priced £5.99, plus an exclusive boxed edition (which includes a unique bound collection of the original unsaid words) can be purchased from the Trigger Editions shop, where details of other stockists can also be found.